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You Tube on skrbl

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skrbl ease
skrbl is simple and easy, you can start your whiteboard with just one click . Simply click anywhere and type on your skrbl whiteboard. There are no new tools to learn, nothing to download, nothing to install and you don't even have to sign up. Use the
button and the
button to switch between freehand drawing, and text mode. skrbl saves and syncs your whiteboard automatically... what could be easier?
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Start a skrbl whiteboard, give out your URL and collaborate live. You can use skrbl as a meeting whiteboard. Or simply as a shared common space where everyone in your team can write, read, draw, edit, share files and show pictures... all on the same page. With skrbl to help you express yourself, let your ideas flow. Powerful collaboration made simple!
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my personal skrbl
You can also keep your skrbl private, just use our privacy feature. Use skrbl as your personal online scratchpad or web repository. A place on the web where you can keep notes, files & pictures any bit of information you want to store online. Your personal space on the web.
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not just text...
Create freehand drawings, share files, upload pictures from your desktop or copy pictures from the web. skrbl in multiple languages, use rich text formatting with the comfort of a familiar tool menu. skrbl takes care of the syncing and the saving, you just focus on your work. A simple shared whiteboard & easy to use features combine to give you a tool where you can get more done.Click here to see how others use skrbl.
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skrbl basics
Use file menu - 'email invite' to email an invite to your skrbl whiteboard, your guests get a link to click on, OR give your skrbl URL to your friends. To write a note - just click on the blank screen and start typing. To edit a note click on an existing note and edit. To switch between drawing and text mode click on the
button. To upload a picture or a file use the File menu. The file menu also shows you a list of pictures and files you already have online. To manage your whiteboards, pictures or files, go to your 'My skrbls' page. Click and drag to move a note around the skrbl board. More...
  • Interactive Search highlights all matches as you type in the search box, skrbl filters results as you keep typing.
  • Click "Clear search" external image clear-search.gif to clear search results.
  • Images - copy images from your websites and paste to your skrbl board.
  • To view all users on your skrbl session mouse over the "Users" external image users.gif icon.
  • Your skrbl nick is how others on the skrbl board see your name. To edit your online nick type over your nick (lower left corner of your screen).
Get started with skrbl, get work done with ease, and have some fun. We think skrbl is useful as it is, but we are also working on more functionality, try it out and tell us what you'd like to see.