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But you can sign up for a free personal wikispace if you want to try it out. - See more at: Top 100 Tools for Learning

Getting started with a new wiki will provide you with all the information you need to get going.
Here are some further guides to setting up a wikispace


5 Ways You Can Use Wikis With Students

This week I'm taking a few days off to ski, play with my dogs, visit with friends and family, and generally recharge my batteries. If you're on vacation this week too, I hope that you're having a great vacation. While I'm away I'm rerunning the most popular posts of the year. The selections are based on pageviews during 2012.
Today I had the privilege to participate in Discovery's Beyond the Textbook forum. One of my take-aways from the day's conversation is that most of the technologies that we want to use to make textbooks interactive and meaningful for students already exist, we just need to organize and utilize them in a way that makes sense for teachers and students. I've combined that take-away with a recent request from a reader to delineate some ways that teachers can use Wikispaces to create this list of ideas for using wikis in classrooms. Please feel free to add your suggestions, with links if possible, in the comments below (please note, I'll be on planes for the next 18 hours so there will be a delay between your comment submission and its appearance on the blog).
1. As a digital portfolio of student-created videos.
2. As a place for students to share notes on each unit of study in your courses.
3. As an alternative to textbooks. Work with colleagues in your school or department to create a multimedia reference site for your students. Include YouTube videos that use the "choose your own adventure" model to allow students to pursue areas of interest.
4. As an alternative to textbooks. Have students create reference pages for units of study in your course. When you do this students become responsible to each other for creating accurate and meaningful content that they can refer to when it comes time for assessment. For example, when I get to the 1920's in my US History curriculum I have each student create a page on a wiki about a theme from that decade. Some of the themes that the students cover are fashion, entertainment, and sports. I mentioned this briefly on a podcast that will be published soon by Steve Dembo and Dean Shareski.
5. As a place to track, document, and manage on-going community projects. In my district every student is required to complete a community service project before graduation. As a homeroom or "common block" advisor teachers are supposed to help their students take the necessary steps to document that work. By creating a homeroom wiki you create a place where students can make weekly updates about what they have done to complete their projects.
How are you using wikis in your classroom? Please leave a comment below.
If you're not quite sure what a wiki is or what makes it different from a traditional website or blog, watch Wikis in Plain English from Common Craft.
If you want to create any education wikis in the future, just use the appropriate link:

How can I create accounts for my students?

You can create up to 100 accounts at a time with our User Creator tool. You will not need to provide email addresses for your students when you use the User Creator tool:

  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under People, select User Creator.
  4. Choose the wiki you would like to add the users to.
  5. Enter your list of users as text, or upload an excel or .csv file with usernames and passwords. Email addresses aren't required to create accounts. Keep in mind that every Wikispaces username must be unique. Try using numbers, or initials, or a first name-last name combination to create unique usernames.
  6. The User Creator will guide you through the process of setting up your accounts.

As long as your email address is confirmed, you will receive a record of your student accounts. If you don't receive this record, please check your spam/junk folder.

If you have more than 100 students, just go through the User Creator process with different lists of 100 names.

Upcoming Webinars on Wikispaces Classroom

We're excited to be rolling out the brand new Wikispaces Classroom feature, making it easy for teachers around the world to keep track of student work and engagement. As part of this roll out, we'll be hosting a series of Office Hour tours for the site. Using Go2Webinar, it will be easy for you to pop in, get a tour of the new online environment, and ask us questions. Please find our schedule below, and sign up right away! All videos will be archived for future viewing and sharing, of course.

Here is a You tube of Wikispaces Classroom

Wikispaces Classroom Tour and Office Hours, Demo Two

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