Useful Websites (hundreds of sites for teachers ranked by popularity). (worth a look, heaps!) (from the author and illustrator, Jan Brett. An excellent resource on “classroom help-a-longs” includes math fact flash cards, Dolch sight words, phonograms, shapes, and games all beautifully illustrated. Printable greeting cards, colouring sheets and e-mail cards are some of the other possibilities. Videos of “how to draw a –“ great for internet/IT fun, art lessons, or an incentive before penmanship. (Greg Heffley’s, Diary of a Wimpy Kid – comic drawn daily instalment of the stories). (paid subscription site I have used the most for CRT work and tutoring. Under the Literature heading, for every book title you can create a word wall, word find and scramble.This site has it all for every topic and theme. I like the printable calendars best here). (A huge amount to offer under each heading. I got alot out of “key sounds”). (A subscribed website especially for teachers, includes headings, grades, subjects, topics, printables, lesson plans, classroom management, PD). (the umbrella for site offers advice on social issues affecting children and families, arts and crafts, recipes, family entertainment reviews, printables, travel games,and teen skill builders). (I use ‘everyday edits’ –review of spelling, grammar, and punctuation in a short story exerpt of a few sentences.I also use ‘phonics word search puzzle archive, and ‘five minute fillers’). (offers Ewe books – ongoing printable chapters each month of the Tommy Tales characters with many correlating printable sheets on comprehension, spelling, etc.- each chapter can become a week long unit.This site also offers, and, which are purchasable sites with units on offer). (lots of printable charts and offer free downloadable books. Hurry to get this month’s free St.Patrick’s Day activities book. (lots of categories with lots of sub-categories)’s_games.html (for clock bingo) (for the most awesome paper snowflakes you’ve ever seen). ( a weekly newsletter providing an item of news with website links for more information, the weekly experiment with links to related experiments and further information, suggested links for interesting topics under the headings of “read it!” and “see it!”, the weekly quiz and blurbs promoting an upcoming seminar, what is featured on the TV show SCOPE with Dr. Rob, and a feature in Double Helix, the children’s monthly magazine from the CSIRO). ( a site where usually upper-years science and math teachers type in and ask others for help, post upcoming seminar news, talk about articles they’ve read, have arguments, discuss curriculum, etc. I find it very entertaining and educational as a primary teacher). (examines Australia’s higher education and research policies, lists articles of recent news and views. I enjoyed the article about eating poppy seed bagels and the chance of opium in the bloodstream).
A good website for teachers that I have found is called K-3 Resources, it is awesome and is only $20.00 for a yearly subscription and you can print off all these greats books and sheets and it has heaps of ideas etc.

Thanks to Pam Grace for the above suggestions.

ICT WEBSITES Listen to conversations about Technology and Education with prepared questions and answers with guests and audience members can contribute. It also allows you to keep abreast of new innovations. excellent link to obtain SMART Notebook files as well as other links

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FUSE - excellent for PD resources especially under the video links - heaps of Web 2 Tools to play with.