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Victorian Institute of Teaching - CRT registration
VIT registered teachers are eligible to register for access to Scootle and Scootle Community by filling in the online registration form at the following URL:


Register using your email address as your username, provide some personal information and establish a password. A confirmation email will be sent to validate your registration.

These are very basic instructions. The user guide for Scootle can be located at http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/pages/user_guide/Scootle_UserGuide_April_11_lowres.pdf and the latest infographic 10 Ways to Use Scootle can be accessed on the Scootle blog.
Help in troubleshooting Scootle is available at help@scootle.edu.au

Thanks to Joy (Bendigo)

CRTs can register with Scootle, but it's done in a slightly different way to people who have an edumail username and password. CRTs can email the Digital Content email address (digital.content@edumail.vic.gov.au) requesting access to ScootleDigital Content will send you a registration link. Digital Content need to confirm your status as a teacher before sending you the link, so you need to include your VIT number.
  • Correspondence from Scootle:

Your CRTs might also be interested in FUSE (https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/), which is a DEECD content repository that has content for students and teachers. You won't be able to log in, but the vast majority of the content behind the login is from Scootle.

The Digital Learning ICT Showcase (http://epotential.education.vic.gov.au/showcase/) also has lots of resources on different topics with a focus on using ICT to enhance teaching and learning.

Anna said "share ideas about how to get your messages out there. A suggestion from me is Scootle www.scootle.edu.au "

The Scootle community is an information hub, designed to bring educator’s together online. Teachers can connect, find resources and share information around learning. Hopefully you can gain access and be an online community and I could be part of it.(that would be great!)

Anne said" Could you please let me know if you are not leading an active network?

As I need to update our website page. Have some happy holidays.

All of my very best thoughts go to you."