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Note: In this tutorial Henrietta explains how you can use the 'Pin it' button in your bookmark section. In order to add this function to your web browser you need to go to www.pinterest.com/about
You will then go to 'goodies' and if you scroll down you will find the title 'The pin it button'. You simply click install now and it will install the button to your web browser. This then allows you to automatically pin or 'save' any website, images etc that you come across in your web browsing directly to your Pinterest account for later use.

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Nicole DesJardins
Nicole DesJardins

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5 ways to use Pinterest as a creation tool for learning
May 5, 2013 By: Lisa Nielsen


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As I looked into using Pinterest as an educator tool, I found that most people I asked were using it more as a consumption or curation tool. (See the infographic at the bottom of this post for those type of ideas.) However, as the Pinterest guru
NewYorkBob (who has more than a million followers) __tells us__, it is also a great creation tool. Among other things, one of the reasons I like this tool is because unlike some other cool sites that allow you to share photos (think Instagram), you are not tied to having a certain device. This makes it a great educational tool since it is accessible across platforms. Once you create your board, you can invite the school community to interact by commenting, repining, or liking. So how might this be used in a school? Here are five ideas
5 ways to use Pinterest as a creation tool for learning

1. Get to know staffShare photos of teachers with their teaching philosophy. Send this out at the beginning of the year to parents so they can get to know who works at their child’s school. This could be modified as a get to know your classmates with pictures of each and in the comment area they can share their passions. Note: If you don’t have consent to share student photos, the photos could be representative of their passion instead, or…you could make the __board secret__. 2.Celebrate science fair projects Share photos of science fair projects with a description of the project. Even if parents can’t be there they can still see what was on display. 3.Share booksShare photos of suggested books to read with a description of what the book is about and who might enjoy it. Families and their children can comment on the books they’ve read and share if they liked them.4.Sports teamsShare a photo from each event and include information such as final score, MVP, etc. It’s a great way to document a season and provides a way for the school community to show their support. Another possibility is to create a board with players photos and share.5.Neighborhood guideMake a guide of your school neighborhood by taking pictures of various places and describing them. Others can share their comments and insights.These are just a few ideas to get you started. Have more? Have examples? Please share in the comments.

Here are ideas for using Pinterest as a consumption or curation tool for learning.
16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest
16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest