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Intel® Teach Program Australia Newsletter


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October 2013

New resource for Intel Teach Elements courses!
Courses have now been mapped to the Australian National Professional Teacher Standards (NPTS).

A new NPTS Reference Guide has been published for each course detailing how specific modules, lessons and activities align with focus areas of the National Standards.

All Australian teachers can use these NPTS Reference Guides to provide detail to their employer or accrediting organisation regarding PD undertaken through Intel Teach Elements courses.

Download Reference Guides for:
external image 2013Intel_216_LowRes.180013.JPG

New Science Course For Australia!
The next Australian course in the Intel Teach Elements series will be Inquiry in the Science Classroom. Aligned to the new Australian Curriculum: Science, this course will support teachers particularly in implementing the Science Inquiry Skills component. Scheduled for publication late 2013

Online Courses
Online Courses

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Collaboration in the Digital Classroom
Learn how, where and when to integrate collaborative, online tools into learning, deepening students' understanding of content and developing their 21st century skills.
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Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms
Discover new assessment strategies that transform teaching practice and stimulate student learning.
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Project-Based Approaches
Find out how to get the most educational value from projects and use technology to support and enhance project-based learning.
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Mobile learning action webinars
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