Victorian Institute of Teaching --- Strategic Plan 2013 -2016

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Performance and Development Guidelines for Teachers

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Wodonga CRT Support Network Coordinator.

WCRTSN Network PD and VIT

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Some questions to guide your reflection part of the completion of professional development form
  1. Which standards are most clearly related to this PD activity?

  2. Which ideas from the PD activity could you use to develop your practice?

  3. How will this PD activity contribute to your ability to meet the learning needs of your students?

  4. Which ideas from this PD activity will assist you in challenging and engaging your students more effectively?

  5. What obstacles might you find to applying these ideas?

  6. What do these ideas contribute to the broader learning of students within your subject/grade area?

  7. How could these ideas be shared with colleagues or applied by you and your colleagues to contribute to teaching and learning in your school?

  8. What further learning does this activity prompt?

Applying for full registration - how does it work PRT October 2013

What is Teacher Identified Professional Development?

Validating PD March 2014

Fact Sheet Validating PD activities

Teachers as professional learners 2011

Teacher Identified PD is what is required online...

I have just put the questions in document for pre-viewing by Ian Hall

PDI format page

Info on what files can be upload when completing PD online

What is PASS Evaluation? The Perception of Achievement of the Specified Standards